Europe can no longer welcome Kremlin cash

Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Ukrainian parliament speaker Ruslan Stefanchuk today have addressed the extraordinary Plenary Session of the European Parliament on “Russian aggression against Ukraine”.

In the speech, they have noted that “our way of life is worth defending. It is worth the cost. For the next generation, for all those in Ukraine and around the world who believe in Europe. For all those who want to be free.”

Addressing the extraordinary Plenary Session, European Parliament President Roberta Metsola set our four important principles for the future of the European Union.

First, Europe can no longer remain reliant on Kremlin gas. “We need to re-double our efforts to diversify our energy systems towards a Europe that is no longer at the behest of autocrats. This will put our energy security on stronger footing.”

Secondly, President Metsola said that Europe can no longer welcome Kremlin cash and pretend there are no strings attached. “Putin’s oligarchs and those who bankroll him should no longer be able to use their purchasing power to hide behind a veneer of respectability, in our cities, communities or our sports clubs.”

Thirdly, investment in our defense must match our rhetoric. President Metsola emphasised that “Europe must move to have real security and defense Union. We have shown the last week that it is possible and desirable, and more than anything it is necessary.”

Fourthly, President Metsola spoke about the importance of fighting Kremlin’s disinformation campaign. “I call on social media and tech conglomerates to take their responsibility seriously and to understand that there is no being neutral between the fire and the fire brigade.”


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