India too may ban 27 pest killers outlawed elsewhere

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NEW DELHI: The Centre has proposed banning 27 insecticides which are currently being used by farmers in India though they have long been banned in many countries across the globe due to the threat they pose to human and animal health.
The agriculture ministry issued a draft proposal on the ban on May 14, saying use of these 27 insecticides is likely to “involve risk to human beings and animals”. While the ministry may issue its final order banning the insecticides in July, it has, in the meanwhile, sought objections or suggestions from stakeholders on its draft proposal within 45 days.
The insecticides include Acephate (already banned in 32 countries as it is toxic to honey-bees), Atrazine (toxic to fish and other aquatic lives), Benfuracarb (banned in 28 countries and not approved by EU), Captan (toxic to fish), Diuron, Malathion, Zineb and Ziram. No person will be allowed to import, manufacture, sell, transport, distribute and use these insecticides from the date of the final order.
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