Summer in the City: Test yourself with this summer economics quiz

The long, hot summer seemed to have ended yesterday as drizzle descended on the City, but recapture that sunshine feeling with this economics quiz from Deloitte.

From sun cream to staycations, Big Macs to booze cruises, how much do you know about economics with a summery twist?

Answer the questions below to work out your score, then click through to find out the stats behind the answers.

What reason does the UKs Office for National Statistics give for the 80 per cent decline in UK residents taking day trips abroad since the 1990s?

Where was the most popular destination for UK holidaymakers in 2017?

Where is the cheapest place in the world to buy a McDonalds Big Mac?

How much did the average UK holidaymaker spend abroad in 2017? (The average duration was around nine days)

What, if any, charges do standard debit and credit cards add to payments whilst abroad?

Last year there were 39 million international visits to the UK, the highest number on record and up 25% from 2012. How many trips abroad did UK residents take last year?

Employees from which country enjoy the most generous holiday entitlement?

In 2010 there were 490,000 international visits to Iceland, what was the number in 2016?

Of all tourism expenditure by EU citizens, what percentage was on trips inside the EU in 2016?

What does the SPF number on your bottle of sun cream mean?

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